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Avionics Communication / Navigation , GPS , COSPAS-SARSAT , Direction Finder ,
Spare Parts , Engines , Military Mobile Electrical Power , Ground Power Unit , etc...
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Click! to visit Division 5 Home Page! FM transmitter Radio Broadcast Solutions , Modules / Parts & Kits ,Antenna ,Amplifiers ,FM Exciter,Audio Encoder ,Stereo/Limiter PLL and Transmission Links
Click! to visit Division 6 Home Page! Machineries , Materials , Equipments , etc... Quality Products Made In China
Click! to visit Division 1 Home Page! GPS , Laser Range Finder , Night Vision , Infrared Camera , Binocular , GPS Tracking , GPS Logger , Surveillance , Survey , etc...
Click! to visit Division 2 Home Page! GPS/Atomic Time & Frequency , Network Time Synchronization,NTP Server, Microwave Component / Subsystem , Microwave Calibration System , Radio Telemetry , Packet Radio
, Test and Measurement,Temperature and Humidity,Cryogen Free Magnet,Cryostat,Shock
and Vibration Test /Calibration Systems etc...
Click! to visit Division 3 Home Page! Manufacture Microwave Components for Export. World Class Products MADE IN THAILAND(Circulator, Isolator, Amplifier module for VHF/UHF/FM/TV ,RF resisor and
Temination flange type ,Duplexer for radio TX/RX etc.)

            Aerocomm Company (Established 1994)
Registered No. (1) 1789/2537  Registered Capital 5,000,000 Baht

20 Soi Latpaowanghin 43 , Latpaowanghin RoadLatpao , Bangkok 10230 THAILAND
   Tel :  Sales Engineer : (66) 081-877-2540 , Email :

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